Lauren Dockett reports for radio, print and digital media and has covered everything from California politics, to the fight for gay rights in Havana, Cuba, to environmentally toxic schools in New York City.  She’s profiled world-famous musicians, the wives of death row inmates, roller disco retirees, major Hollywood players and radical quilters.  Get in touch with Lauren to see more of her work or access a select sample through the links below.

Lauren studied at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and was an honorary lecturer at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong. She lives in Washington, D.C.


CHILL KIDSChicago teens learn to stop violence with brain science

As politicians quibble about a spike in violence, the NAACP and young Chicagoans take matters into their own hands. For the Washington Post.



 Can family trump Trump? 

A Washington Post story about surviving political disagreements at Thanksgiving.



sturgeon3_1_thumbComeback for ancient fish in the Hudson

An NPR affiliate piece about an ancient sturgeon that survived the dirtiest days of the Hudson River and could become the first fish ever removed from the endangered species list.



Leased schools skirt toxic loophole

In an effort to meet demand for classroom space, New York City’s School Construction Authority may be exploiting a loophole in the environmental review process for new schools, endangering students and teachers in the process. Winner of the Richard J. Blood Award for Excellence in Reporting.



 The Addict in All of Us 

Controversial doctor Gabor Mate challenges us to ask not what’s wrong with addiction but what’s right with it.





Latest Site for Oakland's Toxic Dredge Spoils is Suisun Marsh

Oakland’s toxic dredge spoils heading to pristine marsh

Officials promise an enhanced wetland, while environmentalists fight to protect the marsh they already have.





Milk: It does a people good

Dustin Lance Black, Oscar-winning screenwriter of Milk, talks about adopting Harvey Milk’s humanizing political strategy for a post-Proposition 8 era, and a sidebar examines a different outcome for an earlier California gay rights issue.






 Jerry Brown keeps “back to a black neighborhood”

Brown’s “elegant density” development plans ignore needy Oakland neighborhood from notorious 60 Minutes story




Cyndi Lauper on the back porch

Now years beyond her neon hair and World Wrestling Federation beginnings, Lauper talks about going acoustic on a recent album and getting direction from Chryssie Hynde and inspiration from Harold and Maude.






Writing in real time for The Times

In this video snippet, Rob Mackey, of The New York Times‘ real-time news blog, “The Lede,” takes on the complexities of verifying breaking news stories online.