Facing 30

Thoughtfully-written advice on how to deal when people start calling you ‘ma’am’ instead of ‘miss.’ Funny, refreshingly direct, and tremendously helpful.”

-Jancee Dunn, Rolling Stone

“If you’re one of the confident, well-adjusted women who don’t regard the Big 3-0 with a mixture of horror and depression…well, goody for you. For the rest of us — bombarded by images of 15-year-olds and all this talk of girl power — turning 30 can be an unexpectedly soul-shaking event. This compilation of interviews with women at or around the significant age (collected by two authors who both turned 30 while writing the book) addresses the experience head-on, tackling romance, career, family life, and body image….Facing 30 is an appealingly honest and ultimately optimistic view of the passage of time.”

Entertainment Weekly

Translated editions include Sobrevivir a Los 30 (Spanish through Random House Mondadori), Faire Face a la Treintaine (French through Trecarre), and Evyah! Otuz Yasindayum (Turkish)

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